Welcome to ColoRail

Founded in 1989, by the people who saved Denver Union Station, the Colorado Rail Passenger Association (ColoRail) is a statewide, voluntary organization working to develop passenger rail and transit services in and through the state of Colorado. ColoRail supports efforts to provide multi-modal solutions to Colorado’s growing transportation needs. We believe that passenger rail can provide travel choices for those who either cannot or do not wish to drive. This is particularly important when¬†energy costs rise and our population ages. Local and intercity passenger rail services such as Amtrak provide an important transportation alternative for residents of Colorado and opportunities for increased tourism for their communities.

While ColoRail engages a broad array of transportation issues, we have three primary goals:

  • Save the Amtrak Southwest Chief and expand its service to Pueblo
  • Restore Ski Train service to Winter Park and develop transit connections at both ends
  • Restore Passenger Rail service to the Colorado Front Range

Passenger rail has historically provided the traveling public with a safe, comfortable, reliable and cleaner form of transportation. Travel on a train is many times safer than in an automobile. Trains provide a comfortable and relaxed setting where riders may work, converse, or rest during their trip. A double-track rail line can transport more people than eight lanes of highway yet take up much less space. Trains use less fuel and create considerably less pollution than cars. Trains operate reliably and safely in almost all weather conditions. Please join our efforts!



California Zephyr with lounge and diner cars
The Amtrak California Zephyr snakes up to the Moffat Tunnel in Sept., 2015. The Rio Grande line’s climb up the Front Range from Denver is one of the most spectacular mainline rail lines in North America. — Photos by Darrell Arndt