About ColoRail

“ColoRail” is the nickname for the Colorado Rail Passenger Association, a non-profit education and advocacy organization that seeks to restore passenger train service within and to our beautiful, great state. ColoRail focusses on issues such as the RTD FasTracks transit program, proposed rail travel between the cities of the Front Range,  maintaining and improving Amtrak’s services, and travel from the Front Range to the Western Slope.

ColoRail began as “Save Our Station”, a group of people who stopped the City of Denver from destroying the magnificent Denver Union Station in 1989. Next, the group helped the political coalition that got Denver metro voters to authorize in 2004 the 0.4% sales tax that funds FasTracks.

Since then we have broadened our goals. America once had an incredible, extremely convenient, affordable network of passenger trains. You could literally get to every city and almost any town in comfort, at reasonable speed (for the time), with good timing. America’s private railroads took pride in their passenger trains and competed for business.

Government actions, plus competition from airlines, destroyed America’s passenger trains. The 1955 decision to build the  Interstate Highway System, the choice of the US Postal Service to abandon its railway cars, subsidies to roads and automobiles made passenger trains unprofitable.  Highway rural needs, urban congestion, increasing costs of highway construction and improved railroad technologies  have brought passenger rail back as a competitive travel choice.