B-Line is attracting riders

by Bob Brewster

RTD’s B-Line commuter rail one-stop service to Westminster from Denver Union Station is reportedly counting between 1500 and 2000 boardings per day. Weekends, especially during special events and ballgames, are scoring especially well.

Even better news is that these riders are apparently not being pilfered from the Flatiron Flyer Westminster station some distance away. Can we assume these passengers are new to transit? Wasn’t that the professed allure of rail when voters approved FasTracks 13 years ago? ColoRail wonders how many riders will be attracted to the B-Line when it reaches Boulder and Longmont. Stay tuned and attend the ColoRail meeting in Boulder on September 23

ColoRail would like to see all-day half hour service rather than the current mid-day and evening hourly headways. How many more passengers might that attract?