ColoRail Leadership

ColoRail has four officers and an eleven member board of directors. Board members are elected by the membership. Six members are elected at the  annual membership meeting following even numbered years and five on odd numbered years. Vacancies are filled by the board until the next election cycle. Officers are elected by the board. One or more members of the board serve as a liaison with the National Association of Railroad Passengers. Contact ColoRail at:


Jim Souby, President
Bob Brewster, Vice President
Harry Safstrom, Vice President
Sylvia Brady, Secretary                                                                                                  Alec Hagen, Treasurer

Additional Board Members:

Sean Flannery
Nancy McCaffrey                                                                                                               Joan Shaffer
Jack Tone                                                                                                                           Jack Wheeler                                                                                                                   Danny Zimny-Schmitt

National Association of Railroad Passengers Representatives:

Jay Jones
Jim Souby