Colorado Rail Maps

Colorado Railroads — Existing and Our Vision

ColoRail-vision-map-smallThis map shows Colorado’s rail system, with highlights of the two Amtrak routes and ColoRail’s vision for Front Range Passenger Rail. Click here for a larger version (234kb).

ColoRail envisions passenger rail service from at least Ft. Collins to Pueblo. If the Southwest Chief gets re-routed to stop in Pueblo, then passengers could change there and get all the way from Denver to Albuquerque and Los Angeles. Front Range rail could also eventually extend north to Wyoming’s capital, Cheyenne.

The grey-highlighted route on the eastern plains diagrams the proposed freight rail bypass of the cities. Today many coal trains run each day from mines in Wyoming and Montana through Ft. Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs, on to Texas and New Mexico. A bypass would free those tracks for increased passenger rail. (Some coal trains would continue on the existing route to supply power plants in the Colorado cities.)

Thumbnail image of Colorado DOT's state rail map.

The Colorado Department of Transportation produces an official map of Colorado railroads. Last revised in 2012, it is available at CDOT Rail Map

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